• Computer repair and upgrade
    • Wyatt Technologies can repair or upgrade most makes and models of computers. Repairs are typically made on-site.
    • We can also setup new computers and install new software and hardware.

  • Computer troubleshooting including spyware and virus removal
    • Compatiblity problems frequently occur when installing new hardware our software. Let us help you determine if your current system can work with your new items.
    • Many computers are infected with viruses, trojan horses, spyware, and other malicious programs. Let us remove these unwanted programs and give your computer a clean bill of health.
    • We can install programs that will block unwanted advertisements and pop-up windows.

  • Network installation and troubleshooting, including new cabling installation
    • We can provide wireless networking to your home.
    • We can provide wired and wireless networking for your business.
    • Let us secure your wireless connection with encryption
    • Let us install a firewall on your broadband internet connection to keep out unwanted intruders.

  • Data recovery and Secure data destruction
    • Wyatt Technologies offers data recovery services for when you accidentally delete that important file. (Note: if you need this service STOP using the computer and shut it down immediately!)
    • Wyatt Technologies can securely destroy your data on many different media types. Secure data destruction requires that Wyatt Technologies take personal delivery of the media. Please contact us to arrange for pickup.

  • Data conversion including format conversions
    • We can convert from many different physical formats including various sized floppies, most memory cards, and several different types of optical and magneto-optical media. Call to discuss your particular needs.
    • We can also convert data between various formats such as flat files, binary files, and textual data. Some examples include items such as log files, proprietary application data, and data exported from various systems.

  • Custom software development
    • If you have a need for a custom application, Wyatt Technologies can meet with you to discuss the creation of an application tailored to suit your needs. These include, but are not limited to:
      • WindowsTM applications
      • Graphical applications
      • Character or console based applications
      • Services and background applications

  • Custom hardware development
    • Wyatt Technologies can design custom control hardware for your equipment. Please contact us to discuss your needs. Solutions can entail custom circuit boards with microcontrollers up to custom computers.

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